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Calyx PointCentral

Calyx PointCentral


What is Calyx PointCentral?

Calyx Software offers PointCentral, a more robust solution than Point which contains loan origination features, but not the additional administrative support features (compliance and business rules, role restricted access to data, etc.) that are a part of PointCentral.

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Calyx PointCentral is a powerful LOS solution that delivers significant benefits to users in the mortgage industry. Users can easily store …
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Product Details

What is Calyx PointCentral?

Calyx PointCentral Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

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Calyx PointCentral is a powerful LOS solution that delivers significant benefits to users in the mortgage industry. Users can easily store and import information into other systems while keeping in compliance with regulations. Submitting complete loans to lenders becomes easier with Calyx PointCentral, which is widely recognized as an efficient and comprehensive solution for mortgage processing needs. Users can process, run LOS systems, and generate reports - all from a centralized location.

In addition to reducing the time it takes to process mortgages, Calyx PointCentral provides an easy-to-use interface that allows loan brokers to take applications quickly and easily over the phone or in person. Organizing clients' information is also made easier with this product, which is fundamental to success in the mortgage industry. Moreover, Calyx PointCentral users can have numerous locations and a centralized location for all digital files, making it an ideal solution for loan brokers. By using Calyx PointCentral, users have experienced improved team management by 150%, and the product has helped users downsize temporarily without any business problems.

User-friendly Interface: Many users have praised Calyx PointCentral's user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate and find the information needed. The left side title bars for each section are self-explanatory, making it simple to use even for new users.

Efficient and Reliable: Users have noted that the software is fast, efficient, and reliable. Quick loading times combined with helpful customer support make Calyx PointCentral convenient for users. It is a reliable software that is updated frequently, ensuring that users have access to the newest disclosures.

Secure Data Storage: Users appreciate the security of Calyx PointCentral's data storage system. Information is stored offsite and secure, ensuring the safety of user data. Overall, many reviewers feel confident in using this software due to its high level of security.

Disorganized screens: Some users have reported that the screens in Calyx PointCentral can be disorganized and make it difficult to find information, particularly with rental properties. This has caused frustration and extra time spent navigating through the system.

Occasional glitches: Several reviewers have mentioned that there are occasional glitches in the software, such as debt payoffs not appearing correctly in calculations. These issues require additional work to correct and can cause delays in processing.

Difficulty with navigation: Many users have found the software difficult to navigate, especially when using a mouse. Additionally, some reviewers have reported issues with the program shutting down or kicking them out unexpectedly. As a result, they would like to see improvements in this area to increase efficiency and ease of use.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with the software. Firstly, they highly praise the software's ease of use, especially in comparison to Encompass. Loan officers appreciate the user-friendly interface and find it much more intuitive.

Secondly, users recommend taking the training offered to fully utilize the product's features. They believe that this investment of time and effort will pay off in the long run and allow for a more efficient workflow.

Lastly, the customer support provided by the software is highly valued by users. They find the support team to be responsive and helpful, which enhances their overall experience with the product.

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