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What is Simplilearn?

Simplilearn ( is an online bootcamp / elearning solution for IT topics and corporate training, from the company of the same name headquartered in San Francisco.

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What is Simplilearn?

TrustRadius Research Team Analysis

Simplilearn is an eLearning solution that provides digital upskilling for various IT topics. Simplilearn offers over 400 courses through postgraduate programs, masters programs, and corporate training programs. Simplilearn has more than 40 different global accreditations, which means its courses and certifications are recognized by employers from around the world. These accreditations also ensure the quality of the courses is certified by established experts in each field of study.

Corporate Training Opportunities

Simplilearn offers corporate training through over 150 online bootcamps. There are over 100+ short courses, 35+ learning paths, and 20+ University-partnered programs that are covered by Simplilearn’s bootcamps. These programs are designed using feedback from industry-leading companies and universities from around the world.

Who Should Use Simplilearn?

Simplilearn is fantastic for anyone who wants to learn new skills related to the tech or business industries. Simplilearn is a good choice for professionals looking to pick up new knowledge, skills, or certifications to progress their careers.

Simplilearn Course Flexibility

Simplilearn is flexible in the way they teach course materials. Customers have the option to choose between self-paced recorded content, or online bootcamps with live lectures. Courses include practice tests, hands-on projects to apply knowledge from the course, and course-focussed forums which are run by faculty and industry experts.

Additionally, Simplilearn also has a mobile application that is available through the Google PlayStore and the iOS App Store. This allows customers to study and learn from anywhere, at any time.

How Do Simplilearn’s Bootcamps Work?

Simplilearn bootcamps are pretty straightforward. You only need to apply and sign up for a program or certification of your choosing. Once you’ve selected the course, Simplilearn provides all the necessary information and materials needed to begin your eLearning journey!

Signing up for a Program

Start by visiting the Corporate Training section of Simplilearn’s website. If you scroll down, you will come across a section that breaks down courses by 4 areas of study: Data and AI, Technology, Digital Business, and Digital Operations.

For this example, I will be choosing Cloud Computing, located under the Technology section.

Once you select the course you’d like to take, Simplilearn takes you to a page that focuses on that learning path. This page gives a brief overview of what the topic is as well as Simplilearn partners for that topic.

If you scroll down from here, you will be presented with topic-specific postgraduate programs, master’s programs, and certification courses.

Underneath these sections, Simplilearn offers a tool to help you locate a different program in case the program isn’t quite what you’re looking for. It also has additional sections for program advisor introductions, alumni success stories, and an FAQ about the selected program topic.

Detailed Program Information

As soon as you select a program to take, Simplilearn directs you to a page where you can see more detailed information about the program you selected. Everything you need to know about the program is located on this page, which is super convenient.

Program Overview: The first section gives a general overview of the program. Users are immediately prompted with options to apply now or download the syllabus. This section also provides the date of the next cohort, program duration, and learning format. Additionally, the overview section also provides a list of several benefits to choosing this particular program and covers the key features of this program.

Program Advantage: This is a small section that lists some advantages to taking this program.

Program Details: This portion of the page outlines the learning path for this program and offers users the opportunity to again download the program syllabus. It also displays what skills and tools are covered in the program, as well as industry projects.

Program Advisors: The program advisors section introduces users to the program advisors and offers methods of contact for them.

Career Support: The career support section offers tools through Simplilearn’s Career Assist program to help you become career ready and land your next job. This section also includes interesting metrics that Simplilearn sources for careers in this field of study. Users can find industry trends, companies hiring for these positions, and a batch profile.

Admission Information

At the bottom of the program page you will find information about the application process and eligibility criteria. The application process is broken down into three steps and is fairly painless.

Step 1:Candidates will need to fill out an application containing details about themselves and why they want to do the selected program.

Step 2: The application is sent to an admission panel that shortlists candidates based on their applications.

Step 3: If selected, candidates will be able to begin the program within 1-2 weeks.

**Eligibility criteria will vary depending on which program you chose. Simplilearn does a really good job of listing this information for each program.

How Much does Simplilearn Cost?

There is no easy way to answer this question. Simplilearn offers a lot of different learning paths. The cost of Simplilearn will vary depending on which program(s) you choose to take. However, Simplilearn does not hide course prices. If you are interested in knowing how much a program will cost, you can visit each program page and scroll to the bottom of the page where pricing is listed.

It should be mentioned that Simplilearn does offer free courses for those who are interested in testing the waters before committing financially.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Simplilearn offers a couple of financing options:

  1. Customers can pay in installments. Simplilearn has partnered with several financing institutions (Splitit, Affirm, and Climb) to provide monthly payment options with a low APR and no hidden fees.

  2. Customers can make a one-time payment using either a credit card or Paypal.

How is Simplilearn Support?

Reviewers across multiple other platforms mention customer support as a highlight of Simplilearn. Simplilearn has also earned multiple awards for customer support over the years. Simplilearn displays multiple points of access to the support team across the Simplilearn website. It’s clear that customer support is definitely a strong suit for this organization.

Simplilearn Awards

Simplilearn has received a handful of awards and recognitions for eLearning content. Since 2018 Simplilearn has earned 7 awards for online learning, customer service, and innovations in education technology (Edtech).

Other Enterprises that use Simplilearn

Simplilearn Competitors

Alternatives to Simplilearn include Edureka, Coursera, Udemy for Business, and Udacity.


Edureka is another eLearning platform that offers a corporate training option. Unlike Simplilearn, Edureka offers online learning, on-premise classroom learning, and blended learning methods. Edureka also offers pre-configured labs, and customized learning dashboards to keep track of your training progress.

However, Simplilearn has a more user-friendly interface that offers more in-depth information about how courses and programs can be applied back to a user’s career.


Coursera for business is another B2B eLearning platform that has partnered with over 275 leading universities and industry partners. Coursera has served over 3,000 companies from around the world. One thing that stands out when comparing Coursera to Simplilearn, is that Coursera includes a section to introduce the experts who will be partnering with you for the learning program. It’s nice to be able to see who is providing the expertise ahead of time before committing to a study program.

Coursera also provides measurements and benchmarking to establish metrics that can be used to track the success of your learning investment. And Coursera breaks down their learning programs by Upskilling and Reskilling. Simplilearn could stand to provide better metrics for course progression.

Udemy for Business

Udemy for business is another B2B alternative in the eLearning industry. Udemy offers coverage for learning and development, human resources, engineering, IT operations, data science, and leadership courses. Udemy for Business offers access to over 16,000 courses for these sectors, which is more than Simplilearn offers.

However, Udemy’s user interface for their business side is a little clunky. While it provides an idea of what courses they offer, users don’t have easy access to course-specific information from the website. By comparison, Simplilearn offers a much more in-depth look at what each course contains.


Udacity’s enterprise offerings aim to improve employee knowledge and skills through a handful of learning paths which include:

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Autonomous systems

  • Business

  • Cloud computing

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data science

  • Executive leadership

  • Programming & development

Udacity does not offer a cumulative summary of the programs, courses, certifications, or projects that it offers on the home page. This information is, however, displayed on the individual home page for each learning path. Having to dig for this information does detract from how easy this platform is to use.

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