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Abbott offers STARLIMS, a laboratory information management system for biological and clinical laboratories, and other labs, emphasizing product lifecycle management.

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STARLIMS is a powerful software tool that has greatly improved the operations of food manufacturing labs by helping track sample …
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Community Insights

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STARLIMS is a powerful software tool that has greatly improved the operations of food manufacturing labs by helping track sample locations, managing and tracking quality, and providing easy access to necessary information on one page. The data organization feature of STARLIMS has been particularly helpful for users, allowing them to create graphs and conduct analyses with ease.

Despite some initial difficulties learning the program due to inadequate instructions, users have found that the tracking system and analytics module of STARLIMS are highly effective. This has allowed for easy sharing of multi-site study data and information, as well as inventory management and experiment reports. Additionally, STARLIMS eliminates the need for paper trails and manual report writing, which has been particularly useful for audits and stability reports for food products.

Some users have opted to use validated Excel sheets instead of STARLIMS, but this product still remains an effective solution for many businesses looking to streamline their processes. With cohesive tracking of sample locations and different departments able to access customized views of the system, STARLIMS has become an indispensable tool that has significantly improved the quality of work delivered by food manufacturing labs.

Comprehensive Data Management: Users have praised STARLIMS for its comprehensive program that allows multiple labs and sites to coordinate data effectively. Several reviewers appreciated the tool's ability to improve data organization, track changes, incorporate images, histology, and graphs in a clean and easy-to-read format. They found it helpful in storing large amounts of information about products and tracking samples from site to site.

User-Friendly Interface: Many users liked STARLIMS' user-friendly interface that enables them to navigate multiple pages without losing the current page they are working on. Some reviewers believe this functionality is essential in operating the system effectively.

Equipment Interfacing: The ability of STARLIMS to interface with equipment and generate experiment reports after inputting material and instrument used was another feature highly appreciated by users. They found it useful in tracking material supply inventory as well as recording moment and amount used of samples once trained.

Slow User Interface: Several users have mentioned that the user interface of STARLIMS is slow, outdated, and not user-friendly. This makes it difficult for them to navigate through the software smoothly and use it effectively.

Poor Customer Support: Some reviewers have expressed disappointment with STARLIMS' customer support team, mentioning that they are not focused on providing a good user experience. They feel that customer support has been reduced in favor of offshore savings, resulting in unhelpful assistance.

Difficult Integration: Many users have reported encountering difficulties while trying to integrate STARLIMS with other programs or instruments. It may not be set up for certain types of studies or experiments, which can be a limitation for some users.

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