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What is crawlOPTIMIZER?

crawlOPTIMIZER is an SEO software tool that aims to optimize crawl budget and enhance Googlebot crawling efficiency on websites. According to the vendor, it is designed for professionals responsible for organic search engine traffic in companies of various sizes, including small to medium-sized businesses...

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Product Details

What is crawlOPTIMIZER?

crawlOPTIMIZER is an SEO software tool that aims to optimize crawl budget and enhance Googlebot crawling efficiency on websites. According to the vendor, it is designed for professionals responsible for organic search engine traffic in companies of various sizes, including small to medium-sized businesses and larger enterprises. The tool is widely used by professionals such as Head of SEO, SEO Managers, Head of Online Marketing, Online Marketing Managers, Head of E-Commerce, E-Commerce Managers, Webmasters / IT-Admins, and SEO agencies. It caters to industries such as web shops / online shops, E-Commerce websites, informational websites, news / weather portals, and big blogs / forums.

Key Features

Log File Analysis Tool: crawlOPTIMIZER is a cloud-based log file analysis tool that assists users in analyzing and evaluating their website's log files. According to the vendor, it provides precise information about the content being crawled by Googlebot. The tool automatically analyzes and stores log files, allowing for retrospective analyses at any given time. Predefined analyses and evaluations help even SEO novices identify crawling difficulties.

Crawl Budget Optimization: crawlOPTIMIZER aims to optimize crawl budget to navigate Googlebot efficiently through the website. According to the vendor, it identifies unmet SEO potentials for maximizing crawl efficiency and ensuring rapid indexation of content. The tool aims to minimize wasted crawl budget and ensure that only SEO landing pages are crawled. It helps achieve an almost complete crawl of the entire website, quickly detects errors, and utilizes resources efficiently.

Dashboard and KPIs: crawlOPTIMIZER offers a user-friendly dashboard with comprehensive evaluations and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on log files. According to the vendor, the dashboard provides insights into crawl budget statistics, status codes, crawling of business-relevant pages, and more. All analyses and evaluations are presented in an easily understandable manner, even for users without a SEO background. The tool stores log files for up to 5 years, enabling long-term trend analysis and retrospective evaluations.

Log File Explorer: crawlOPTIMIZER's log file explorer allows users to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of log file data. The vendor claims that it automatically stores and archives log files on high-performance servers, providing convenient access from anywhere. The log file explorer offers various filtering options and export features, enabling users to personalize their analyses and evaluations. Integration with Google Search Console API enhances log data with search data, while the Google Indexing API enables URL management.

Crawl Frequency Analysis: crawlOPTIMIZER provides insights into the crawl frequency of URLs on a daily basis. According to the vendor, it helps users identify the frequency at which Googlebot crawls their pages. The tool allows for self-defined groups and monitoring of crawl frequency for specific URL clusters. Users can optimize their website architecture and measure improvements based on crawl frequency analysis.

Error Detection and Monitoring: crawlOPTIMIZER detects and monitors errors that occur during the crawling process. According to the vendor, it provides detailed error reports, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve issues that may hinder Googlebot's crawling efficiency. The tool ensures that all pages are crawled without encountering errors, thereby improving website visibility and search engine rankings.

Sitemap Analysis: crawlOPTIMIZER analyzes and evaluates sitemaps to ensure correct configuration and optimization for crawling. According to the vendor, it helps identify missing or incorrect URLs in the sitemap, allowing users to make necessary adjustments. The tool ensures that Googlebot can easily navigate and crawl all relevant pages, thereby improving website indexing and visibility.

URL Crawling Prioritization: crawlOPTIMIZER allows users to prioritize the crawling of specific URLs based on their importance and relevance. According to the vendor, it ensures that high-value pages are crawled more frequently, thereby improving their visibility in search engine results. Users can define custom rules and settings to optimize the crawling process and allocate resources to the most valuable content.

Competitor Analysis: crawlOPTIMIZER enables users to analyze and compare their website's crawling performance with that of their competitors. According to the vendor, it provides insights into competitors' crawl budgets, crawl frequency, and indexing status, empowering users to identify areas for improvement and maintain a competitive edge in search engine rankings. The tool helps users benchmark their website's performance and make data-driven decisions to enhance their SEO strategies.

Mobile Crawling Optimization: crawlOPTIMIZER offers specific features and analyses tailored to optimize mobile crawling and indexing. According to the vendor, it helps users ensure effective crawling of their mobile website by Googlebot, thereby improving mobile search visibility and user experience. The tool provides insights into mobile-specific crawling difficulties and offers recommendations to enhance mobile SEO performance.

crawlOPTIMIZER Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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