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What is PerfectLaw?

PerfectLaw in Miami offers a legal practice management system offering document management and business tasks automation.

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PerfectLaw aims to solve several business problems for legal firms. It simplifies organization, which reduces the complexity of file …
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What is PerfectLaw?

PerfectLaw in Miami offers a legal practice management system offering document management and business tasks automation.

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What is PerfectLaw?

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Introduction of PerfectLaw® All-in-One® Software

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

PerfectLaw aims to solve several business problems for legal firms. It simplifies organization, which reduces the complexity of file management compared to past applications. The software enables users to manage cases, billing, reporting, and client setup in one place.

PerfectLaw's search functionality allows for quick and easy access to all documents within the system. This has been highly praised by users as they can find any document in seconds. Moreover, document management and paperless file organization are enabled with PerfectLaw. Users can manage entire cases, accounting, vendor invoices, contacts - including accessing all important invoices in one location.

Client care consistency is also preserved even when there is a change of staff due to the availability of client notes, correspondence, and other documents in one place. It is especially beneficial for law firms that must maintain consistency with clients across years or shifting staff.

Additionally, PerfectLaw provides tools and reports for workload analysis and financial analysis for various categories. This helps businesses make informed decisions based on accurate data which was difficult before converting to the software. Overall, PerfectLaw makes management responsibilities more manageable allowing users to save time while carrying out their daily work duties.

Consolidation: PerfectLaw provides an all-in-one interface that consolidates multiple software products into one, making it easier to manage client documents and track time. Multiple reviewers (3) praised the consolidation of billing, time sheets, document management, and case management on a single page. This feature allows users to streamline their work processes without having to switch between different programs.

Customization: The customizable options in PerfectLaw make it easier for users to access and retrieve documents. Reviewers (1) found the customization particularly helpful when dealing with voluminous litigation as it allowed them to easily find what they needed. Customization also extends to the docketing system, which is easy-to-use even though some users did not have system privileges to make new docket entries.

Financial Management: PerfectLaw supports all aspects of financial management for law firms from built-in timekeeping and billing features (1 reviewer) to generating reports that consolidate everything in one place - saving lawyers valuable time while helping them better manage cases.

Slow and Not Intuitive: PerfectLaw's user interface is difficult to learn and not intuitive, according to multiple reviewers. Some users have experienced slow performance, including freezing while downloading documents.

Limited Customization: Reviewers state that the software lacks customization for reports and appears archaic from an aesthetic standpoint. This could be a concern for companies looking for more flexibility in report generation or seeking modern-looking software.

Poor Customer Support: Several reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with customer support from PerfectLaw. Issues reported include representatives going on vacation without responding to users' concerns, as well as disappearing documents during the Import phase without any explanation or assistance provided by PerfectLaw.

Users have made several recommendations for PerfectLaw based on their experiences with the software. These recommendations include having a solid IT department to customize the software without relying heavily on customer service, ensuring a good internet connection for optimal performance, and taking the time to learn the system and utilize its customization features.

Some users also suggest exploring other options and believe that PerfectLaw needs to be rewritten to better align with today's technology stack. Additionally, users advise researching other timekeeping/billing software options for comparison.

Despite these suggestions, users generally view PerfectLaw as one of the best timekeeping/billing software options available, particularly for firms looking to go paperless and integrate timekeeping and billing. However, they do recommend considering other products if greater customization is desired.

Lastly, users recommend reviewing current information and reports and conveying any desired changes to the PerfectLaw implementation team. They also emphasize the importance of ensuring clean data and documents when converting to PerfectLaw.

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