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What is RXNT?

RXNT is a cloud-based healthcare software provider, offering an Electronic Health Records (EHR) with a Patient Portal and E-Prescribing and Practice Management (PM) system that includes Medical Billing and Scheduler.EHR users can customize patient encounters with Smart Forms, templates, and…

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Users have reported experiencing issues with the EHR, PM, and scheduling features of the product, resulting in delayed support and slow …
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  • $75 per month per user
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Product Details

What is RXNT?

RXNT is a cloud-based healthcare software provider, offering an Electronic Health Records (EHR) with a Patient Portal and E-Prescribing and Practice Management (PM) system that includes Medical Billing and Scheduler.

EHR users can customize patient encounters with Smart Forms, templates, and macros to streamline workflows and faster data collection. Interoperability allows physicians to send/receive referrals, request and review lab/imaging orders, and attach and organize important documents within a patient’s chart.

Patient engagement is enhanced with telehealth access and an integrated Patient Portal that includes scheduling, intake and consent forms that are integrated into patient charts, and provider messaging.

RXNT’s PM/Billing software enhances revenue cycle management, from billing and collections, scheduling, appointment reminders, insurance eligibility, charge capture, up-to-date billing codes, claim scrubbing, and remittance. Patient data is entered once for fewer errors and faster processing and payment.

Configurable reports allow reporting on every field in the billing workflow and editing on the fly enables access to details without extra analysis. Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies central billing office operations. Online bill pay lets patients make payments quicker and easier. Cloud-based iOS and Android mobile apps let providers charge capture, schedule appointments, and check-in patients.

RXNT Features

Billing and Claims Management Features

  • Supported: Real-time eligibility verification
  • Supported: Coding
  • Supported: Claims management
  • Supported: Claim scrubbing
  • Supported: Electronic Claim Submission
  • Supported: Automated Claim Tracking
  • Supported: Patient billing
  • Supported: Payment Processing
  • Supported: Electronic Bill Pay
  • Supported: Online Bill Pay
  • Supported: Create Patient Statements
  • Supported: Mail or Email Patient Statements
  • Supported: Automated Alerts for Overdue Claims
  • Supported: Superbill Generation
  • Supported: Denial / Underpayment Management
  • Supported: Patient Payment Histories
  • Supported: Electronic Remittance Advice
  • Supported: Streamlined Data Entry
  • Supported: HIPAA Compliance
  • Supported: Credit Card Processing
  • Supported: Clearinghouse Integration
  • Supported: Reporting
  • Supported: Financial Reporting
  • Supported: Revenue Cycle Management
  • Supported: Integration with EMR/EHR

Patient Scheduling Features

  • Supported: Drag-and-drop Scheduling
  • Supported: Facility Scheduling
  • Supported: Physician Scheduling
  • Supported: Rule-based scheduling
  • Supported: Automated patient check-in
  • Supported: Automated appointment reminders
  • Supported: Multi-location support
  • Supported: Calendar interface

Electronic Medical Records Features

  • Supported: Charting / document management
  • Supported: Templates
  • Supported: E-prescribing
  • Supported: SOAP Notes
  • Supported: E&M Coding Advice
  • Supported: Lab and Imaging Integration
  • Supported: Fax integration
  • Supported: Device Integration
  • Supported: Patient portal
  • Supported: Mobile/tablet support
  • Supported: Speech recognition
  • Supported: Dragon Integration
  • Supported: Integration with other EMR and PM systems
  • Supported: Ability to Coordinate Care with Specialists
  • Supported: Ability to Share Information with Different Doctors
  • Supported: Meaningful Use Certified
  • Supported: ONC-ATCB Certified
  • Supported: Customization
  • Supported: Billing System Integration
  • Supported: Standard Chart Templates
  • Supported: Custom Medical Forms
  • Supported: Custom Macro Buttons
  • Supported: Custom Fields
  • Supported: Drawing Tools (Diagnostic Images)
  • Supported: Patient Flags
  • Supported: Workflow automation
  • Supported: Ability to Take Action from Patient Record

Medical Security and Privacy Features

  • Supported: Role-based permission levels
  • Supported: Password Policies
  • Supported: Login Regulations
  • Supported: Session Backlog
  • Supported: Audit and Log Reports
  • Supported: Data backups and redundancy
  • Supported: HIPAA compliance
  • Supported: Local mode / networking failsafe

Workflow and Scale Features

  • Supported: Task tracking
  • Supported: Referrals
  • Supported: Specialty-specific workflows
  • Supported: Master Patient Index
  • Supported: Insurance Profiles
  • Supported: Multi-office / multi-physician capabilities

RXNT Videos

RXNT cloud-based EHR and Medical Billing software company.
Telehealth-friendly RXNT EHR and Medical Billing Software

RXNT Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have reported experiencing issues with the EHR, PM, and scheduling features of the product, resulting in delayed support and slow resolution of problems. Despite these challenges, the system meets the necessary requirements for agencies to remain compliant with Mental Health contracts, providing a positive overall experience. Some users have found the features to be glitchy and updates to be slow. Additionally, customer support has been lacking, with slow response times and ticket closures without satisfactory resolutions. The system's downtime is also a major issue, especially since there are no paper templates available for use during these periods.

On a more positive note, users appreciate the ability to import medication history directly to the EHR and easily write and send prescriptions to pharmacies. However, the electronic prescribing software is still new and has some bugs that need to be addressed. Nonetheless, the product works well for charting and prescribing, particularly for small businesses and concierge providers. Users find the system easy to use, allowing them to send refills, make notes, cancel prescriptions, and print medication logs effortlessly.

Despite some initial challenges during setup and integration of the Charge capture system, users generally find the product great for medical billing. While some miss the two-page option, they still consider the software to be excellent overall. Customer service has been responsive and helpful in resolving frustrations and providing a positive experience. For many offices, the product has been a great choice due to its easy installation, ease of use, good customer service, and affordable price for setting up a practice.

The EHR side of the product is solid, easy to navigate, and offers useful features for chart documentation. Additionally, the Practice Management component is stable, constantly improving and worth its cost. Though some users have experienced glitches in rural areas, they find that this system speeds up documentation of repeat visits. Moreover, customer support is highly regarded for their timely updates on system issues and resolutions.

The product effectively addresses the chaos in prescription writing, but some users believe it may have limitations in the changing landscape of medicine. Overall, RXNT is considered good software for EHR, eRx, and scheduling needs.

Easy Access and Multi-site Option: Many users have found the cloud-based EHR to be easily accessible, allowing them to conveniently manage their records from multiple locations. This feature has been mentioned positively by numerous reviewers for its user-friendly interface and seamless experience across different sites.

Convenient Medication Ordering: Several reviewers highly value the ability to easily order medications from any pharmacy using the software. This functionality has been praised for streamlining the prescription process and eliminating the need for manual coordination with pharmacies, saving healthcare professionals valuable time.

Export Records Feature: The option to export records has been consistently praised by users for its convenience. It allows them to efficiently transfer data when needed, whether it's sharing patient information with other medical providers or generating reports for analysis purposes. This capability has proven particularly helpful in enhancing collaboration and improving workflow efficiency within healthcare organizations.


  1. Poor customer service and support: Several users have experienced terrible customer service and support, with a feeling that the company does not care about the impact of their product on their practice. They expressed frustration with poor customer service and difficulty in getting quick help. Some users mentioned long wait times for issue resolution and chronic problems that are not being solved.
  2. Technical difficulties and usability issues: Many users encountered technical difficulties in receiving prescriptions and struggled to navigate the challenging website with little support. They reported frequent glitches, error messages, slow loading, and operation. Some users also found it difficult to delete patients or use the patient merge feature.
  3. Lack of necessary features: Users mentioned missing features such as better visibility of messages to the pharmacy, a more concise medication history, a place of service in the claim scrubbing tab, and a charge capture system that can take pictures of the facesheet. Additionally, some users reported issues with managing set ranges for routine medications and suggested improvements to the lookup process for insurance plans.


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use RXNT for our sole EHR, sending eRxs, and for all our scheduling needs. Overall it is good software. We do have issues with communication tools it offers.
  • Scheduler
  • E-scribing
  • Training
  • Tech Support
  • Communication confirmations
  • Adding features
For a small practice, the price is really one of the best options. It takes some time to learn the software, like any, but overall pretty uaer friendly. It has all the features we need, but needs a little fine tuning. For instance when we use the messaging in the EHR, there is no notification to the sender or recipient that they have a message. You literally have to be logged in and constantly checking. That needs to be fixed.
Billing and Claims Management (5)
Real-time eligibility verification
Claims management
Patient billing
Financial Reporting
Patient Scheduling (5)
Rule-based scheduling
Automated patient check-in
Automated appointment reminders
Multi-location support
Calendar interface
Medical Inventory Management
Electronic Medical Records (10)
Charting / document management
Fax integration
Patient portal
Mobile/tablet support
Speech recognition
Integration with other EMR and PM systems
Workflow automation
Medical Security and Privacy (4)
Role-based permission levels
Data backups and redundancy
HIPAA compliance
Local mode / networking failsafe
Workflow and Scale (3)
Task tracking
Specialty-specific workflows
Multi-office / multi-physician capabilities
  • All in one software
  • Economical
  • User friendly
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