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Neptune DX Platform

Neptune DX Platform


What is Neptune DX Platform?

Neptune Software headquartered in Oslo offers the Neptune DX Platform, a low-code platform supporting rapid application development for enterprises.

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Neptune DX Platform has helped users to solve several business problems by digitizing processes, simplifying roles, and increasing …
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What is Neptune DX Platform?

Neptune Software headquartered in Oslo offers the Neptune DX Platform, a low-code platform supporting rapid application development for enterprises.

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What is Neptune DX Platform?

Neptune DX Platform Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Neptune DX Platform has helped users to solve several business problems by digitizing processes, simplifying roles, and increasing productivity. Users have been able to turn complex SAP transactions into modern mobile applications that are more responsive and user-friendly, making it easier to see only what is needed at any given moment in the business process.

The platform allows for virtually unlimited project implementation and offers a low code environment that saves time and effort in overseeing coding standards. This feature has allowed users to create web and mobile applications on old SAP systems, improving productivity and reducing process time. Neptune DXP's fast application development process helps users to remain agile and effective in executing their business operations. In addition, the platform enables easy connection of data from different systems and data sources and merging into applications, providing a unified UI for end-users, allowing for a quick way to prototype and get feedback from stakeholders in an early stage of the project.

Field workers have been able to use full-fledged mobile applications built with Neptune, improving productivity amongst technicians and helping them record their findings better. Users have achieved the digitization of processes that functioned on paper, replacing standard SAP solutions that were too difficult to handle with quick and trouble-free solutions. The platform has also helped users deliver a unified digital experience, simplifying roles, reducing costs, and increasing productivity by creating apps that enable better and efficient business operations. With Neptune DX Platform's ability to expose existing SAP custom functionality as Hybrid apps using barcode scanning, businesses can speed up operational and warehouse management processes tremendously while scaling their business quickly with reduced data entry errors.

Low-Code Platform: Many users have praised the low-code platform of Neptune DXP, allowing individuals with no programming experience to create applications. Reviewers have stated that the drag-and-drop feature and short learning curve make it beginner-friendly and easy for anyone to develop applications without prior coding experience.

Fast Development Process: A significant number of reviewers appreciate the fast development process of Neptune DXP. The drag-and-drop IDE and data binding feature speed up the development process, making it faster and less complex. Users also appreciate the ability to create functional apps quickly with the drag-and-drop interface, reducing time-to-market for app development.

Effective Customer Support: Several reviewers have found Neptune DXP's customer support team effective in providing detailed responses to queries, making it easier for users to customize their applications according to their organizational needs. Users also noted that Neptune DXP has good e-learnings, a good community, and fast support.

Complex onboarding process: Some users have found the onboarding process for Neptune DX Platform to be complex, particularly when dealing with complex data structures.

Issues with collaboration mode: Several reviewers have experienced issues with the collaboration mode feature of Neptune DX Platform. Changes made by colleagues are not always saved or reflected, leading to duplicate work.

Lack of proper documentation: Many users have expressed frustration at the lack of proper documentation for developers and certain API designer options. This has made it challenging for some users to understand and fully utilize the platform's functionality.

Neptune DXP has received several recommendations from users, reviewers, and customers. Here are the three most common ones:

  1. Easy to Use: Users have found Neptune DXP to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. They appreciate its intuitive interface, which allows beginners to quickly grasp the development concepts. This recommendation highlights the platform's accessibility and its suitability for those new to development.

  2. Comprehensive Development Features: Reviewers have praised Neptune DXP for its wide range of development features. Customers appreciate the platform's ability to meet their diverse needs, including content management, data integration, and workflow automation. This recommendation emphasizes the platform's versatility and its capability to handle various aspects of development.

  3. Great Learning Resource: Many users have commended Neptune DXP for being an excellent learning resource. They appreciate the platform's educational materials, tutorials, and documentation that provide comprehensive guidance on utilizing its features effectively. This recommendation underscores how Neptune DXP supports users in acquiring new skills and mastering development practices.

In summary, users recommend Neptune DXP for its ease of use, comprehensive development features, and valuable learning resources. These recommendations indicate that the platform is suitable for beginners seeking a user-friendly environment with versatile capabilities and ample opportunities for skill enhancement.

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