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Netsmart myUnity (DeVero)

Netsmart myUnity (DeVero)


What is Netsmart myUnity (DeVero)?

Netsmart myUnity (DeVero) is an integrated enterprise platform specifically designed to support post-acute care settings, including home care, hospice, and senior living. This highly scalable solution caters to businesses of all sizes, ranging from individual locations to multiple sites. It serves...

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Netsmart myUnity is a cloud-based, real-time hospice documentation system that provides users access to data in an efficient manner. It …
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What is Netsmart myUnity (DeVero)?

Netsmart myUnity (formerly DeVero) is an EMR and operational support software now supported by Netsmart in San Jose, CA since the acquisition of the company DeVero by Netsmart in July, 2017.

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Product Details

What is Netsmart myUnity (DeVero)?

Netsmart myUnity (DeVero) is an integrated enterprise platform specifically designed to support post-acute care settings, including home care, hospice, and senior living. This highly scalable solution caters to businesses of all sizes, ranging from individual locations to multiple sites. It serves professionals in the home care, hospice, and senior living industries by providing user-friendly access to clinical information, robust analytics, seamless connectivity, population health management, and efficient electronic referral management.

Key Features

Scalable Platform: According to the vendor, myUnity offers a flexible and scalable platform that can meet the unique needs of post-acute care settings, whether it's a single location or multiple locations. It empowers organizations to effectively manage and access critical information across various care settings, including home care, hospice, and senior living.

User-Friendly Design: The vendor claims that myUnity features an intuitive and streamlined interface, ensuring that clinical staff can easily access the necessary information at the right time. The design focuses on optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing administrative burden, allowing staff to prioritize patient care.

Value-Based Care Support: According to the vendor, myUnity provides comprehensive support for value-based care initiatives through a range of features. It includes powerful analytics capabilities that enable data analysis for informed decision-making. The platform promotes seamless connectivity and interoperability, facilitating effective communication and collaboration among care providers. With population health management tools, organizations can proactively monitor and enhance the health outcomes of their patient populations. The electronic referral management functionality streamlines the referral process, ensuring efficient coordination of care outside the organization.

Electronic Referral Management: According to the vendor, myUnity streamlines the referral management process by enabling organizations to handle referrals electronically, eliminating the need for manual processes. The system allows for the seamless receipt, review, and processing of referrals within a secure and efficient environment. It equips organizations with robust tools to track and manage the referral workflow, ensuring timely and appropriate care coordination.

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Netsmart myUnity (DeVero) Technical Details

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Netsmart myUnity is a cloud-based, real-time hospice documentation system that provides users access to data in an efficient manner. It features IPU functionality for RNs, IDG module for clinicians and providers, Plan of Care links built into assessments, and reporting tools to track employee requirements.

Users appreciate the ability to quickly document within the system and view patient schedules in real time. They also appreciate its batch printing and uploading features, caregiver scheduling tools, and easy UI.

However, some customers have experienced difficulty with connectivity to iPads and have noted issues with care plans not sticking or flowing over to recent assessments. Customers should also be aware of slow UAT test systems, mismatched back office data points, difficulty moving visits from one day to another, and lack of usable reports before making the decision to use this product.

Netsmart myUnity's cloud-based documentation system provides users with efficient access to the documents they need. The reviews for this product are generally positive; users have spoken to the high degree of security, ease of end-user usage, and elimination of physical paperwork.

Netsmart myUnity is a good software solution for larger organizations with IT departments looking to streamline their revenue cycle process while providing patient caregivers with valuable scheduling tools. However small organizations should carefully consider whether they have the back office personnel to handle the workload before using it due to its complexity and installation process.

• Netsmart MyUnity is praised for offering users access to data in an efficient manner and for its user-friendly interface, secure database, and ability to meet high trust standards. • Users appreciate the self-portal password reset feature, as well as batch printing and uploading documents electronically. • The product is great for large organizations with IT departments, allowing flexibility to support multiple services. • Netsmart MyUnity provides accuracy and consistency in clinical documentation, with a fairly descent user interface for clinicians.

The most common cons mentioned in reviews of Netsmart myUnity are:

  • System can be difficult to use for those unfamiliar with technology, requiring additional training and user feedback.
  • Interface installation process is complex and reporting capabilities are lacking.
  • Data entry accuracy issues and incorrect payments.
  • Small print some documents can be hard to read.
  • Back office workload can be too time consuming, making it difficult for some users to manage the product effectively.

Based on user reviews, the most common recommendations for both MyUnity and NetSmart are to thoroughly test the system and ensure comfort with technology before adopting it. Users suggest that clinicians should take the time to thoroughly test the system and become comfortable with its technology before implementing it. This recommendation emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive testing phase to ensure smooth adoption and minimize disruptions.

Another common recommendation is to have a robust training and implementation plan in place for both MyUnity and NetSmart. Users recommend having a well-developed training and implementation plan to adequately prepare users for using the system effectively.

Additionally, some users suggest exploring alternatives or seeing the product firsthand in a live environment before making a final decision on either MyUnity or NetSmart. This recommendation encourages potential users to thoroughly evaluate their options and assess how well each product aligns with their organization's needs before committing to a particular software solution.

It is worth noting that some users also specifically highlight the ease of use from an HR/Coordinator point of view for NetSmart, while others mention the importance of accuracy and consistency in clinical documentation. However, these recommendations were not as frequently mentioned as the ones listed above.

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