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ThreeSixty by Personify

ThreeSixty by Personify


What is ThreeSixty by Personify?

Personify360 is a constituent management and engagement (CME) platform with flexible capabilities. The product is presented as ideal for medium to large organizations, and creates a unified view of constituent data across all channels of engagement. Boasting scalability, Personify360 manages…

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What is ThreeSixty by Personify?

Personify360 is a constituent management and engagement (CME) platform with flexible capabilities. The product is presented as ideal for medium to large organizations, and creates a unified view of constituent data across all channels of engagement. Boasting scalability, Personify360 manages…

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Wild Apricot is an association management platform that emphasizes automation of member lifecycle management (i.e. attract, engage, renew), and also assists with receiving online payments and payment processing, and website content and engagement. Wild Apricot was acquired by Personify Corp in…

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Product Details

What is ThreeSixty by Personify?

Personify360 is a constituent management and engagement (CME) platform with flexible capabilities. The product is presented as ideal for medium to large organizations, and creates a unified view of constituent data across all channels of engagement. Boasting scalability, Personify360 manages multiple business lines, complex transactions and is flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization.

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ThreeSixty by Personify Competitors

  • MemberSuite
  • iMIS Association Management
  • Fonteva for Associations

ThreeSixty by Personify Technical Details

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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Personify360 helped us to manage our 50+ members in the public speaking organization seamlessly. It was very easy to see which members need to renew their membership, which members are meeting their goals, and reward them with certifications accordingly. This also made the transfer of knowledge very easy to the next generation of leaders coming into the organization because everything was digital.
  • Membership management
  • Award programme
  • Insights on member activities through the year
  • UI could be made much more user friendly
  • Steep learning curve
  • Faster upgrades to accommodate remote work setting
Personify360 help us to manage our annual membership drives because it was very easy to identify which members to target and incentivize them accordingly basis their past behavior. This was also very useful to set up our entire education achievements program with levels and ranks embedded in it. Reporting of our annual activity was also made easy with ThreeSixty.
  • Award Module
  • Membership Management
  • Activity Statistics
  • Helped us gamify our education programme with the award module
  • Helped us report our activities transparently to the leadership
  • Reduced TAT on membership renewals, new registrations
Earlier we used to manage our entire membership program on excel sheets. But pretty soon we realized it was not scalable and we shifted to personify360. Along the way, we also evaluated Ocelot which seemed to be a promising alternative but the reward module was very important for us hence we ended up choosing personify360.
Ryan Husbands, MBA, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Personify360 is used by my organization, a major non-profit organization active both in the US and Europe, to track our membership base. It maintains all member related information and underpins all related billing activity, which is a major source of revenue for us. While it is used mainly by our membership department, the data it provides us influences just about every aspect of our organization as it's tied to a big part of our earnings.
  • What I really like about Personify360 is that, above all, it is easy to use. Individual member files are easy to maintain and edit as needed.
  • Personify360 also gets a lot of points for its presentation. We find it simple to understand as a lot of the interface is very intuitive for users. This goes for first time users, which in turn makes this software relatively easy to train new staff on.
  • Lastly, Personify360 does a good job of disseminating information. As an organization, we've gained a lot of insight into the inherent data compiled through logging our membership base into the software.
  • I believe that some of the different modules could perhaps be combined together. As a non-profit organization, we are very sensitive to cost. So sometimes we're forced to go without some of the desired functionality of additional modules due to cost, which is of course a negative for our operations.
  • In my opinion, Personify 360 is not the more 'known' CRM software on the market. This can make it harder to find people with previous experience on it as compared to some other competitors.
Personify360 is a very robust CRM, so it can be a valuable asset to any organization that needs to monitor or track large groups of individuals, be it clients, members, subcontractors, etc. Due to the size of our organization, we have not really pushed the limits of the software's capacity. Nevertheless, its price point made it a very viable option for us when we reviewed it against our competitors. Installation and adoption was generally painless, and we've had no issue with it on the IT side of things.
  • Personify360 has a had a very positive impact in that its functionality has allowed us to pursue membership leads that we wouldn't have otherwise. The data it's allowed us to collect has made us much more efficient in our membership acquisition activities. It has also allowed us to be more responsive to our current members' needs.
  • The efficiency we've gained in regards to our membership base has allowed us to be more ambitious with our membership drives as we now have the data to back us up. It's certainly given us a new dimension in terms of growth strategy.
Although my usage of Oracle software was different in nature to Personify360, I prefer the Personify360 interface as it I found it more easier to use and needing less training to accomplish my tasks. I also believe that Personify360 was a less expensive option, while still offering essentially the same functionality. I can't speak for the support aspect of this software, as we never really need it!
October 31, 2017

Personify is a Keeper

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The American Urological Association uses Personify to manage all data related to our constituent, companies, and committees. It is our Accounts Receivable as well as our eCommerce system, and we use it to track fundraising, inventory, meetings, miscellaneous and subscription orders. We also track all of our awards and medical transcript records in Personify. There are add-on components that can be purchased separately such as the point-of-sale, which AUA uses to sell our products at onsite meetings. The system includes a robust report writer that allows staff to create their own reports using any field of data in the system. The majority of our staff use Personify and it is our organization's primary customer database and the authoritative source when integrating with other software applications. For the AUA, it is a powerful tool that allows us to store any and all information pertaining to our customers in one system.
  • Personify is customer centric. The system tracks everything on a customer such as their orders, awards, donations, biographies, demographics, transcripts, etc.
  • Personify is our Accounts Receivable system. It integrates very well with Microsoft Dynamics and has an eCommerce component that integrates nicely with our website. It also provides an infrastructure that allows us to manage other sections (chapters) and societies.
  • Reporting is made easy with many canned reports, batch reporting processes, and report writing tools built into the system. You can also easily add Crystal Reports to the system navigation without needed a full license of the software (uses a run-time version).
  • Personify needs to provide a true web-based system.
  • Personify does not always think through new offerings making it hard to make a new function or feature work with the existing system. However, they are good with acknowledging and fixing such issues that arise.
  • Fundraising module needs to be able to recognize all subsystems when showing a customer's donor history. Currently, the system only shows fundraising subsystem donations in the customer's giving history when there could have been a donation made as part of a membership dues renewal campaign.
Personify works very well for professional societies, but it is somewhat cumbersome to use if you are managing multiple sections and/or societies. It works very well for us as our Accounts Receivable system, but that might not work for everyone.
  • Personify has positively impacted our single sign-on (SSO) process requiring every user to have a unique email address in the system. This allowed for less duplicate records in the system and it improved our system's security.
  • Another positive experience was implementing the Personify Awards system. We used MS Access to manage our awards in the past, and it another easy implementation that now allows our staff to see this information along with all the other customer information in one location.
  • Personify eBusiness (eCommerce system) includes all the web and data services needed to integrate our software applications as well as other vendor software applications. It has allowed us to add much more functionality to our existing systems while making it seamless to our customers.
  • The only negative impact at this point is not having a truly web-based system because that would make the system more efficient for our remote staff.
Personify is very similar to other AMS/CRM systems in that they all offer the same basic functionality. However, you have to do your due diligence and not settle for doing things the same way you have always done things. For this reason, last year we hired a consultant to help us review our AMS system and determine if it was time for a new solution. After working through a process with staff from all areas of the association, we found Personify best met our current needs as well as our needs in the future because the core system is well configured with minimal customizations. Most of our issues were outside of Personify, but we are able to leverage our AMS to increase productivity and be more efficient.
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