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What is MicroBiz?

MicroBiz is an eCommerce retail management solution butil around features such as inventory management, payment gateway, and purchase orders / receiving tracking.

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MicroBiz has proven to be a valuable tool for small businesses, offering a range of use cases that help streamline operations and improve …
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MicroBiz Cloud


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Entry-level set up fee?

  • $200 per installation
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  • Free Trial
  • Free/Freemium Version
  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services
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Product Details

What is MicroBiz?

MicroBiz Cloud is POS and retail automation software for independent retailers. It allows retailers to ring-up sales on iPads, PCs and Macs, manage inventory at multiple locations and integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks Online and the WooCommerce ecommerce platform. MicroBiz includes features such as:

  • real-time multi-store inventory and store transfers
  • automated purchasing/receiving
  • special orders for sale of items not in stock
  • credit accounts/AR/customer statements
  • customer-based pricing
  • matrix products
  • order/delivery management, and
  • customer relationship management
The software provides the ability to run a repair or service department and keep inventory synchronized between retail stores and your Woocommerce ecommerce site. According to the vendor, MicroBiz Cloud can save hours of management time each month.

MicroBiz Features

  • Supported: Cloud POS with Barcode Scanning
  • Supported: Credit Accounts/Charge to Account/AR
  • Supported: Management Dashboard and Customizable Reports
  • Supported: Discounts and Promotions
  • Supported: Gift Card Manager (included for free)
  • Supported: Order Management (phone, layaways, deliveries)
  • Supported: Customer and Volume-based Pricing
  • Supported: Auto Fulfillment (mix/max inventory and reorders)
  • Supported: QuickBooks Online Integration (listed on marketplace)
  • Supported: Woocommerce inventory sync
  • Supported: Upload products, inventory, stock levels via CSV
  • Supported: Service Department Management (for alterations, repairs, customizations)
  • Supported: Special Orders (sales of items not in stock)
  • Supported: Multi-store Inventory Management with Store Transfers
  • Supported: Customer Purchase History Accessible via Front Register
  • Supported: Matrix Products with Size/Color/Other Variants
  • Supported: Purchasing and Recieving
  • Supported: Filterable Product Search (filter by category, brand, vendor, size, color )
  • Supported: Quotes, Estimates and Invoices (print or email)

MicroBiz Screenshots

Screenshot of MicroBiz Cloud runs on iPads, Macs and PCsScreenshot of Register Screen - Ring Up Sales Quickly and Easily.  Quickly scan items into the register using bar codes – or add items with one touch. Discount individual items, groups of items or the entire transaction. You can do price checks and check inventory. It’s so intuitive that employees will be able to use the POS application with almost no training.Screenshot of Register Screen  - Add any items to a transaction with one touch – even non-inventory items such as service and delivery charges. The keys can be set to prompt for the price or the size or color of an item. You can set up an unlimited number of Quick Pick Panels, use colors to highlight keys and arrange them in any order that you choose.Screenshot of Customer Order Dashboard - Manage Layaways, Work Orders, Deliveries and Phone Orders. Use the Orders in Progress capabilities in MicroBiz to manage layaways, phone orders and orders in progress.  You can collect a deposit and set whether the order will be fulfilled via store pick-up, shipment or delivery.Screenshot of Filtered Product Search - Use multiple ways to search for products and add them to a transaction. In addition to the top product search bar, MicroBiz Cloud features a flexible advance search feature.  This feature allows you to search by item name, SKU, style, UPC or Alternate ID.  Search results can be displayed in table format or as product tiles.  Advanced filters allow you to view results by category, vendors, brand, color, size or other attribute.Screenshot of Product Record - Simple and Matrix Products and Flexible Pricing Schemes.  Products records are critical to a retail system – as the sale of products and services drives revenue.  Our product records make your job easier by offering all kinds of flexibility and capabilities around product type (simple products, matrix products, prompt for price, services, etc) and pricing strategies (discounts, promotions, customer-based pricing, quantity-based pricing).Screenshot of Customer Orders - Manage sales of items not taken immediately from store.  You can attach a customer, change status. Set a due date, define a handling type, print pick-up slips and add notes.  Customer orders can be transferred to the register so that payment can be made and ‘cash and carry’ items can be sold on the same receipt.Screenshot of Credit Accounts/Accounts Receivable - Offer and manage credit accounts to customers, including defining authorized users, setting credit limits and payment terms and the display of current balance and available credit. Credit account records display all charges to the accounts, payments on balances and authorized user activity.Screenshot of Register Close Outs and End of Day Reports - Registers can be batched at the end of the day to help reconcile sales to deposits. Close-out process allows you to keep a specified amount of cash in the till and includes a Z report showing a daily snapshot, salesperson activity, category totals, taxes collected and tender types.Screenshot of Register Summary Customer Profile - The customer profile in MicroBiz Cloud displays all relevant data about the customer attached to the transaction.  You can view the customers pricing group, store credit and credit account balance and whether that customer has any store credits or gift cards outstanding.Screenshot of Auto Stock Replenishment - MicroBiz automates your ordering process by defining targeted reorder points and restock levels for products.  You can add automatically add quantities to purchase order based on current inventory as compared to desired restock levels, historical sales of the item over a set time period or a specific order amount.Screenshot of Special Orders - Manage sales of items not in stock that need to be special ordered from vendor.  Special order items are grouped so that they can be quickly added to a vendor purchase order.  Special order items are tagged through the ordering and fulfillment process, so that they can be treated differently than standard items in purchase orders and vendor shipments.Screenshot of Register Sales Dashboard - MicroBiz Cloud includes a register sale dashboard which displays transactions on hold and closed register transactions. This is useful to look-up transactions by date range, store, register or employee.  In addition, this dashboard enables the following functions: Void Transactions, Reprint Receipts, Return items, Gift Receipts.Screenshot of Service/Repair Department - Run a repair and services department with MicroBiz. You can check in an item to be serviced, attach a customer record, assign to an employee, set priorities, add parts and services, manage order status, collect a deposit and print full page quotes and estimates. 
Run a repair and services department with MicroBiz. You can check in an item to be serviced, attach a customer record, assign to an employee, set priorities, add parts and services, manage order status, collect a deposit and print full page quotes and estimates. For more information on the work order capabilities of MicroBiz, click here.Screenshot of Popular Preconfigured Reports - MicroBiz comes with a variety of pre-configured allowing you to better understand your business. Quickly view standard reports on hot selling items and slowest moving items. Generate pre-configured reports showing your best customers as well as your most productive salespeople. These standard reports include settings to view different store locations, date ranges, etc.

MicroBiz Video

Magento POS with MicroBiz Cloud. Sync products, customers and inventory between Magento and MicroBiz

MicroBiz Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUnited States, Canada
Supported LanguagesEnglish

MicroBiz Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)100%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)0%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)0%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

MicroBiz has proven to be a valuable tool for small businesses, offering a range of use cases that help streamline operations and improve efficiency. Users have found the report generation and analysis feature to be particularly useful, as it allows them to customize, filter, and export reports to Excel. This enables users to gain valuable insights into their business performance and make informed decisions based on data.

Another key use case of the MicroBiz software is its efficient handling of special orders. Users can create purchase orders directly from the register and track the item through the receiving process. The system also alerts users when a received item is for a special order, displaying customer information alongside. This functionality ensures that special orders are processed smoothly and accurately, enhancing customer satisfaction.

In addition, customers highly recommend MicroBiz for its accounting feature, which allows users to maintain all sales and purchase records. By centralizing these records within the software, users can easily manage their financial transactions and stay organized.

MicroBiz also offers automated quick inventories, helping users avoid inconveniences associated with manual inventory checks. With just a few clicks, users can ensure accurate stock levels and minimize the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

The software excels in inventory management by providing enhanced control over inventory. The better sales reports and improved purchase order management capabilities enable users to make data-driven decisions regarding their inventory levels and purchasing patterns.

For those looking to track sales by customer and enhance customer data management, MicroBiz proves to be an invaluable tool. It offers robust features that allow users to maintain comprehensive customer profiles and analyze individual customer buying patterns.

Although it may take some time to get used to, users find that MicroBiz helps them keep better control over inventory. With its fully integrated inventory across all sales channels, users can efficiently manage their entire store operations within one system - from front register functions to customer management, inventory control, purchasing, and receiving.

Additionally, MicroBiz integrates seamlessly with other popular software like QuickBooks Online and MailChimp, making it a valuable tool for retail store management. This integration saves users time and effort by automating data transfer between different systems.

Overall, customers rely on MicroBiz as their core store management system, leveraging its features to optimize various aspects of their business operations. From generating reports and analyzing results to handling special orders and maintaining comprehensive sales and purchase records, MicroBiz proves to be an essential tool for small businesses seeking improved inventory control, enhanced customer data management, and streamlined store operations.

Easy to Learn and Use: Many users have found MicroBiz to be extremely easy to learn and use, making it a great choice for their business. They appreciate the user-friendly interface and simple navigation, which allows them to quickly adapt to the system without much training or effort.

Incredible Inventory Management Module: The incredible inventory management module in MicroBiz has been highly praised by several reviewers. It includes a wide range of features such as reorder points, purchasing, receiving, store transfers, and inventory adjustments. Users find these features extremely helpful in efficiently managing their inventory and ensuring that they always have the right products in stock.

Efficient Order Management: Several users have mentioned that the order management in MicroBiz is better than other systems they have looked at. They appreciate features like the ability to print estimates and quotes, collect deposits, manage layaways, and handle special orders. These capabilities make it easier for businesses to streamline their ordering process and provide excellent customer service.

Limited customization options: Some users have expressed a desire for more customization options when it comes to the layout of invoices. They feel that the current settings for tweaking the layout are somewhat limiting and wish they had more flexibility in this regard.

No iPhone app available: Several users have mentioned the absence of an iPhone app as a limitation of the software. This means that they can only use the software on a laptop or tablet, which may not be as convenient for those who primarily work on their iPhones.

Lack of telephonic support: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the technical support provided by MicroBiz. While email support is prompt, some users believe that there should also be telephonic support available. They appreciate the good email support but wish there was an option for telephone assistance as well.

Users have provided several recommendations for MicroBiz based on their experiences. Firstly, many users highly recommend MicroBiz for small businesses, as they believe it is a valuable tool for improving sales and managing inventories.

Secondly, users suggest taking advantage of the resources provided by MicroBiz before setting up the software. This includes watching videos or requesting a demo from the support team, which can help users familiarize themselves with the features and functionalities of MicroBiz.

Thirdly, users advise seeking support assistance when importing new records into MicroBiz. They have found that having the support team's expertise in this process can be very helpful and save time.

Overall, users recommend trying out MicroBiz as they express high satisfaction with its functionality and ease of use. Additionally, they mention that the team at MicroBiz is considerate and easy to work with.


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Dave Vandenberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use MicroBiz to run our retail store (golf store). This includes everything from the front register, pricing management, payment processing, inventory management and purchasing/receiving. This is our core store management system, and we could not operate without it. We do use QuickBooks Online and MailChimp, and both work well with MicroBiz.
  • Ringing up sales (bar code scanning, discounts, returns, holds, voids, split tenders)
  • Inventory management, including matrix products
  • Reporting (it has many filters and settings to help drill into information)
  • Missing a couple helpful features (such as a free loyalty program)
  • The formatting on some screens is whacky and the font can be small
  • It could be easier to email receipts (need to set this before the transaction)

Suitable for small and mid sized retail businesses. Many features to automate operations (bar code scanning throughout application, auto generate POS based on mix/max, stock look-up).

May not be ideal for large retail stores. Lacks integrations with ERP systems such as SAP or Oracle. Missing some specialty features such as serialized inventory.

  • Really amazing value for the monthly fees. Less expensive than other serious cloud POS applications
  • Synch with QBO allows us to save time manually entering financial data into our accounting system
  • Bar code scanning in both the front end and back end saves time and money
We looked at several systems. Some POS vendors had really bad reviews (Revel). Others had systems more suitable for other types of retailers such as kioks and quickserve (Square). Some were too complicated or more focused on foreign markets or ecommerce. We took a hard look at Lightspeed, but just liked MicroBiz better (was also cheaper).
August 09, 2017

Excellent POS Software

Mike Pinzle | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use MicroBiz to run our entire store operations - from the front register to customer management, to inventory management, to purchasing and receiving
  • Ring up transactions and take payments
  • Manage inventory
  • Management Reporting
  • Discounts and promotions
  • There are no free loyalty solutions
  • Better integration with Magento - limited to Magento 1
  • Product import tools are flexible but tough to use
Great for retail stores that want to manage inventory. Great for stores that want to have different prices for different types of customers.
  • Has helped us manage inventory better.
It was close but we just liked some of the features in microbiz better. Plus it was cheaper
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